Sunday, April 6, 2014

Using the imparfait in context

After flipping the class and doing tasks, it was time to take the learning up a notch and have the students actually using the concept in their writing.  I was taking the D2L advanced course online and creating lessons for imparfait anyway.  I had the students view a picture online and write sentences describing what they saw.

Imagine que tu as un caméra et tu filmes cette scène. Écris 10 phrases à l'imparfait.
Réponds à ces questions: Qu'est-ce que les gens faisaient? Décris les gens. Décris le temps (soleil, température). Décris le décor.

Quand tu as fini, remets ton travail dans le dropbox. Décris cette scène
Si tu ne sais pas comment remettre ton travail, clique ici pour voir le vidéo.

I gave them feedback and had them correct their work for a mark.  They were pretty good at this.  Again I had maybe 5 who didn't take it seriously, or else just wrote their sentences on a piece of paper. 

I was also preparing and oral communication activity - a restaurant review. I also asked them to describe their restaurant setting in the imparfait. This they did on the blog posts in D2L. That didn't go over too well, so they wrote them down on paper and had their peers check the verbs for correct usage and conjugation. I left this up to them to work out and have not yet seen their work.

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