Sunday, April 6, 2014

Parent reaction to the Flipped Classroom

I had informed parents that the homework was going to seem a little different.  Mostly I just wanted to prepare them for the fact that the students were going to use the computer and develop note-taking at home.  I received some responses, mostly encouraging.  Some parents were aware of the Khan academy and supported my taking intiative to do something new.  A few asked questions regarding catching up on homework because they were taking their kids out a few days early before March Break vacation.  Flipping the classes was very handy for that.  The student could catch up while away - wifi is everywhere - or upon return to Canada.  No extra work for me -  the lessons were online, as well as practice because I was also using the material for content in the D2L course.  I have to say, Flipping the Classroom is great for this. 
I did, however, receive one heated email that made me question whether this was worth the bother.  The parent misunderstood my intentions and assumed that I was not teaching the children at all, just posting lessons and assigning tasks.   He threatened to complain about me to the superintendant and the Ministry of Education.  Ironically, I was asked by the 21C inquiry group to do this and it is probably funded by the Ministry of Education.  Fortunately for me, my principal and vice-principal were very supportive of me and we tread delicately with this parent.  The waters were calmed and I was good to proceed.  However, I did learn that although I know education needs major changes for today's world, not everyone is comfortable with it and I have to be prepared for some push-back.
In the end, I decided to move forward.  I know that I would never jeopardize my students' learning and I always put them first. 

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