Saturday, May 31, 2014

Change up

I have moved on from adjectives to adverbs now.  I did a summative test with the students and found that the students who had not done their homework did not do well at all on the test.  Even "catching up" on the video view at recess was not enough focus for them.  Part of the success is having the luxury to focus quietly at home at their own pace.

My first lesson with adverbs was a little different.  I incorporated a video from another source and put it in a course file in D2L.  The students still had to take similar notes as they had been doing all along.  I asked them to find the answers to about 6 questions in the video on adverbs.  Most were able to do it.  Some students had done way more work than I had asked.  My homework delinquents are still that way.

I put some practice exercises online instead of using paper.  Then I made an interactive game on kahoot.  Perhaps adding some gaming into the classroom will push those delinquents into practicing their skills!

Here's the lesson

Course file in D2L - Adverbs

Here's some practice questions:

Adverb practice questions

And here is my game - it was sooooo much fun!!!  Kids wanted to play it again!

Kahoot adverbe game

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Homework" in class

Traditional homework is now done in class. I circulate around the room and we have time for me to help individuals. Here I am, walking around while the students are writing their stories: While they were working on their stories, I noticed a few problems with the adjective placement. I was there to remind them of the rules - and the exeptions. They peer edited and then re-wrote the stories with the descriptive feedback they were given. Flipping the class and watching the work, I was assured that they were writing from the heart in French and not using translation software. Here you can see examples of their writing and the improvements they made.
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