Sunday, April 6, 2014

Imparfait Lesson 2 - flipped

I thought I was the flipping expert by lesson 2!  I already knew how to make a video and post it on D2L.  Amazing!
I created a 2nd lesson for imparfait.  It took me a long time to create.  First, I forgot to capture the screen before recording.  So basically, I recorded nothing the first few times.  I also had to remember about fonts, and changing the keyboard to French before starting.
I finally got it together and posted it onto the D2L site for the following day's homework.  This flipping the class thing requires a lot of organization.  I needed to be able to tell the kids to go on the site that day and actually have something useful for them to view.
I forgot to mention that I have some real keeners in the class.
So, at about 4pm, I get an email from a student asking where the video was, he couldn't access it. 
It's saved to be played with VLC media player, which the students may or may not have.  But last time it was saved with Windows Media player????  How did I do that for lesson 2? 
So as I panicked trying to get the thing saved with Windows Media Player, it just wasn't working.  Good thing I saved it anyway.  Time was ticking by and I had to go home to my own kids.  Hockey night.  I posted a News item in D2L saying that the kids could just forget it - not working and don't worry about the video.  Great.
After dinner, I brought up the file and since I didn't have VLC at home, it saved with Windows Media Player automatically.  I posted it on the site and took off the panick News item and hoped that the students would check that night.
Here is my lesson:

Luckily,I have keeners and most of the students were able to watch the video and do the task.  As it was my fault that others couldn't, I just had them view it at recess.  I did reward those keeners with French money.  Hey, they deserved it for being persistant!!

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