Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moving from the 2nd lesson

I gave the students an extra day to view the lesson, so they would have time to do the task and come back with any questions.  I also gave out French money as a reward for those who took notes AND did the task.  I discovered there were students who only did the task and did not take notes, write a date, or title.  Looking at the work this way, it didn't make much sense, even if the student did the work correctly.  I emphasized good note-taking.   It's a good practice.  The kids pointed out that the video was still accessible and that they could view it again.  I pointed out that wifi may not be available and the video might disappear.  At least they would have their notes. 
I might be old-school, but I still think there is a mental process that happens when we take notes, where we are more conscious about what it is we are learning.  Well, it can be for most, anyway.

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