Sunday, April 6, 2014

My third Imparfait lesson

Time for the third lesson came and I was able to create the video without too much problem.  Students had complained that they were unable to view the video - I wasn't sure why.  Maybe because they did not have Windows Media Player?  I was forced to created a YouTube channel.  Everyone can access that.
I sat at my desk while the students were working and one student had finished early.  I asked him if he knew anything about creating a YouTube channel.  He did - I am not surprised and he walked me through it - in French.
Now I had a YouTube channel.  I uploaded my lesson and told the students.  They were thrilled and thought it was so cool.  I told them they didn't have to subscribe, I would just post it on the D2L site.  They WANTED to subscribe.  How awesome is that.

If you are a francophile, you will notice that I made a slight error.  I forgot to put an apostrophe between the je and entendais.  It's difficult to be focused on everything when you are creating these video lessons!
Anyway, the students told me the next day.  Ok, rewards for watching the video and an extra one if you noticed my mistake.
I didn't want any negative parent feedback, so I took the video off the D2L site and replaced it with a Prezi I created for my course which covers the same concept.
Here it is:
I checked the note-taking - all good.  A few students lagged behind and had to view the video at recess - maybe 5 total.  Onto to inclass work.  Very few students appeared to need my help.  My lowest student proudly showed her work.  I'm not sure what is helping her.  I think she gets help from her peers.  In any case, it's more than what she would do if she took it home.

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