Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Flipping French First Lesson

Because we were doing the Imparfait in grammar, and it is pretty straightforward, I decided to flip my first lesson doing this concept.

Here is my video:

It is pretty basic, nothing exciting.  I used the smartboard recorder and typed my lesson in, talking while I went along. 
The next day I found I had a 50% success rate.  I have a French money system in my class, so I rewarded those who went online to learn the new grammar concept and gave the others a second chance to view it for the next day.  I went on with other business we had to attend to and didn't really have time for the grammar lesson anyway.  The following day about 25% more students followed the lesson and did the task (looking for more French money) and those who hadn't seen it, stayed in at recess to do it.
We did our practice sheet according to the flipped lesson, and there really wasn't much to do to help the students, although I was there if they needed me.

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