Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Homework" in class

Traditional homework is now done in class. I circulate around the room and we have time for me to help individuals. Here I am, walking around while the students are writing their stories: While they were working on their stories, I noticed a few problems with the adjective placement. I was there to remind them of the rules - and the exeptions. They peer edited and then re-wrote the stories with the descriptive feedback they were given. Flipping the class and watching the work, I was assured that they were writing from the heart in French and not using translation software. Here you can see examples of their writing and the improvements they made.
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  1. C'est vraiment encourageant quand les étudiants ecrivent en classe au lieu de copier les exercises de grammaire! Félicitations pour tout l’effort que tu mets dans ce projet Flipped! J’espère que tu continueras à nous garder en contact avec tes nouvelles!